Part of speech: noun

A smiths shop; a forge. Smithery.

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Usage examples "smithy":

  1. The actual village of Nancepean, set in a hollow about a quarter of a mile from the sea, consisted of a smithy, a grocer's shop, a parish hall and some two dozen white cottages with steep thatched roofs lying in their own gardens on either side of the unfrequented road that branched from the main road to follow the line of the coast. - "The Altar Steps", Compton MacKenzie.
  2. Concerning this last evil, she spoke at length to Hector, who made him a leather apron, like Mr Willett's, which thereafter he always wore when he had a job to do in the smithy. - "Gutta-Percha Willie", George MacDonald.
  3. Vast black clouds, shaped like anvils for some terrific smithy- work, were ranged round the horizon, and, later, the east glowed like a forge. - "Gone to Earth", Mary Webb.