Part of speech: noun

An affected smile.

Part of speech: verb

To smile in a silly manner.

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Usage examples "smirk":

  1. I promptly hated Mr. Inman with all my heart and felt not the slightest objection to his demise; but at her gesture of command I rose and accompanied Mrs. Knapp, as a young man with eye- glasses and a smirk came to take my place. - "Blindfolded", Earle Ashley Walcott.
  2. Outside he would smirk and betray his sense of ownership. - "Carnival", Compton Mackenzie.
  3. A frightened look passed over the woman's face as she scanned the sweet face before her, and then a wily expression darted into her eyes: Oh, she said with a forced smirk, Yes, Miss Marilyn. - "The City of Fire", Grace Livingston Hill.