Part of speech: verb

To strike heavily.

Part of speech: noun

Any small chunk of metal; especially, one used as a bullet or missile.

Part of speech: noun

A snail like animal of elongated form, having no visible shell.

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Usage examples "slug":

  1. But Terry Hollis had spun halfway around, swung by the heavy, tearing impact of the big slug, and then sank to the floor, where he sat clasping his torn thigh with both hands, his shoulder and head sagging against the wall. - "Black Jack", Max Brand.
  2. The man's glance running over Terry Temple's girlishness was like the crawling of a slug over a wild flower and supplied a new and perhaps the key- note to Blenham's ugliness. - "Man to Man", Jackson Gregory.
  3. Although careful search has been made for it in other parts of the British Islands, this slug has only been found in the portion of Ireland just indicated. - "The History of the European Fauna", R. F. Scharff.