Part of speech: noun

Dexterity in manipulation; a jugglers trick.

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Usage examples "sleight":

  1. The directions are for working with wood, paper, chemicals and paints, with knife, pencil, brush and scissors, and for the performance of sleight- of- hand tricks. - "The Children of the World", Paul Heyse.
  2. For a time the young are fed on the wing by their parents; but the feat is done by so quick and almost imperceptible a sleight, that a person must have attended very exactly to their motions before he would be able to perceive it. - "The-Natural-History-of-Selborne", White, Gilbert.
  3. Its shops are second- hand, and not a few of its denizens are down on police records as sleight- of- hand. - "Gaslight Sonatas", Fannie Hurst.