Part of speech: verb

To make smooth.

Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Smooth and glossy.

Part of speech: adjective

Smooth spoken; flattering.

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Usage examples "sleek":

  1. This Carpen hath a sleek and subtle mind Full well equipped for all stern duty's calls; Hence we who seek to tread in Freedom's path Find him a stumbling block to be removed. - "'A Comedy of Errors' in Seven Acts", Spokeshave (AKA Old Fogy).
  2. He looked less depressed than before and much more like his usual sleek self, and the sight of him in these apparently recovered spirits whipped up my resentment again to all its old bitterness. - "A Rogue by Compulsion", Victor Bridges.
  3. You can have sleek, shining fur when theirs is dull. - "Among the Pond People", Clara Dillingham Pierson.