Part of speech: noun

an ape or monkey

Part of speech: adjective

Like an ape or monkey. simious.

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Usage examples "simian":

  1. The new- comer was a small, long- tailed monkey from the Western Hemisphere, with a gentle, half- shy, half- trusting manner that instantly captured Groby's confidence; a student of simian character might have seen in the fitful red light in its eyes some indication of the underlying temper which the parrot had so rashly put to the test with such dramatic consequences for itself. - "The Chronicles of Clovis", Saki.
  2. Had I not loved books, the soul in my midriff had not done away with those capillary vestiges of my simian ancestry which originally flourished upon my scalp; had I not become bald, the delights and profits of reading in bed might never have fallen to my lot. - "The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac", Eugene Field.
  3. He pointed to a tall, simian- armed operator who stood listening intently to the conversation between Golnik and Birsky. - "The Competitive Nephew", Montague Glass.