Part of speech: noun

A plating or covering of silver.

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Usage examples "silvering":

  1. Here in the happy valley of the Waveney, save for my bitter memories and that longing for the dead which no time can so much as dull, year after year has rolled over my silvering hairs in perfect health and peace and rest, and year by year have I rejoiced more deeply in the true love of a wife such as few have known. - "Montezuma's Daughter", H. Rider Haggard.
  2. Munching the food that was handed him, he looked across the bay, now silvering in the dawn, and wondered whether he was not seeing it for the last time. - "Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas", Lloyd Osbourne.
  3. The stoop of his thin shoulders, the silvering hair on his bowed head, and the sound of his gentle voice all appealed to Elizabeth's heart in the same way as when Jamie cried from a hurt. - "'Lizbeth of the Dale", Marian Keith.