What does the word silky mean?

Usage examples for silky

  1. In a moment a black shawl was flung over the silky head, and the dog was snatched up and carried round the corner and across the Market Place. – Dick Lionheart by Mary Rowles Jarvis
  2. Dunbar urged the stallion on with a yell; and swinging the quirt over his head, he brought it down with a stinging cut on the silky flanks of the great horse. – Bull Hunter by Max Brand
  3. The wind, blowing up before the storm, blew against her hair, and it streamed out in front of her; her arms, twining and twisting, slid in and out of the silky mass until she appeared to have at least four; her exquisite feet seemed to beat upon a human figure which was really nothing but the shadow of the rock behind her, and Jan Cuxson, in the shadows, suddenly smote his forehead as she lifted up her voice and cried: Kali! – Leonie of the Jungle by Joan Conquest