Part of speech: noun

A case into which a blade, as of a sword, is thrust when not in use; a scabbard.

Part of speech: noun

Any envelop or case, as the lower part of leaves in grasses.

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Usage examples "sheath":

  1. I shiver'd as if one a knife Should pull forth of the sheath. - "The Village Wife's Lament", Maurice Hewlett.
  2. " Poor sheath, it is much worn," he wrote of himself from the dreary land of marsh and forest into which he had come while laying down a chain of posts between Gondokoro and the Lakes. - "The Story of General Gordon", Jeanie Lang.
  3. When Odysseus comes to their rescue she tries to allure him too, saying, " Nay, then, pat up your blade within its sheath, and let us now approach our bed that there we too may join in love and learn to trust each other." - "Primitive Love and Love-Stories", Henry Theophilus Finck.