What does the word shapely mean?

Usage examples for shapely

  1. The error, if such it be, is easily explained by the fact that portrait engravers seldom cut the lettering of a plate themselves, but have it engraved by others, who have a special aptitude for making shapely letters. – A Short History of Monks and Monasteries by Alfred Wesley Wishart
  2. Lady Glanedale gazed at his long, shapely hands as if hypnotised. – Malcolm Sage, Detective by Herbert George Jenkins
  3. Gall- flies pierce plant- tissues within which their grubs find shelter and food, the plant responding to the irritation due to the presence of the larva by forming a characteristic growth, the gall, pathological but often regular and shapely, in whose hollow chamber the grub lives and eats. – The Life-Story of Insects by Geo. H. Carpenter