Part of speech: noun

A small open boat.

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Usage examples "shallop":

  1. So, to my joy, I found in Plymouth on my few days there on Forefathers' Day week just about the weather Bradford reports for that first voyage of the Mayflower's shallop to its harbor. - "Old Plymouth Trails", Winthrop Packard.
  2. There were, further, Lancelot and Marjorie and myself and our thirty men, who had gone off in the shallop to explore the adjacent islands in the hope of finding a better resting- place for our whole party. - "Marjorie", Justin Huntly McCarthy.
  3. When Sicoris kept his banks, the shallop light Of hoary willow bark they build, which bent On hides of oxen, bore the weight of man And swam the torrent. - "Pharsalia; Dramatic Episodes of the Civil Wars", Lucan.