Part of speech: noun

A continuing and concluding portion, as of a story; result; upshot.

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Usage examples "sequel":

  1. I seized, stupefied, his supposition- some sequel to what we had done to Flora, but this made me only want to show him that it was better still than that. - "The Turn of the Screw", Henry James.
  2. This Johnson and his party made much trouble for Collins; and the whole plot of the Community- drama turns on the struggle between these two men, as the reader will see in the sequel. - "History of American Socialisms", John Humphrey Noyes.
  3. If any reader desire to know the sequel to Tom Tufton's story, and how he took toll on the king's highway, that story shall be told another day. - "Tom Tufton's Travels", Evelyn Everett-Green.