Part of speech: noun

One who or that which separates; a device or instrument for separating impurities or refuse from a substance, inferior from better grades, etc.

Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "separator":

  1. Now it is an invention like a steam separator which revolutionises an industry. - "Ireland In The New Century", Horace Plunkett.
  2. Presently, however, the elder lady felt the night air becoming chill, and, reminding Susy that the separator would be ready to wash, entered the house, accompanied by her daughter. - "The Bail Jumper", Robert J. C. Stead.
  3. This is an adaptation of a game that is as old as the hills- the one where the solicitors would go up to a farmhouse, sell a man a sewing- machine or a cream separator at a ridiculous figure, let him sign what he thought was a contract to pay a certain amount a month for twelve months- and then take the promissory note which he really had signed down to the bank and discount it. - "The White Desert", Courtney Ryley Cooper.