Part of speech: adjective

Capable of being divided.

Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Capable of being separated.

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Usage examples "separable":

  1. In the above cases the general question of censorship is separable from the question of the present form of it. - "The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet", George Bernard Shaw.
  2. In this form of periostitis the membrane is again swollen and more vascular than in health, and is also easily separable from the bone. - "Diseases of the Horse's Foot", Harry Caulton Reeks.
  3. Each human group, having its specialised and dormant elements, must be treated as an organism and not as a bundle of separable items, each one of which the student may use or let alone as he desires. - "Folklore as an Historical Science", George Laurence Gomme.