Part of speech: verb

To pass sentence upon.

Part of speech: noun

A group of words expressing a complete thought.

Part of speech: noun

A legal judgment.

Part of speech: noun

A determination; opinion.

Part of speech: noun

A maxim.

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Usage examples "sentence":

  1. It seemed that I was a hundred miles from anywhere else, so it was Millau for mine if it meant a life sentence in a French prison. - "Alias The Lone Wolf", Louis Joseph Vance.
  2. Thou has now given sentence on a patriot and a prince, and then shall judgment be given on thee!" - "The Scottish Chiefs", Jane Porter.
  3. " Because you see," she continued with strange earnestness, " the customers will all be coming and wondering if they see the shop shut; and they will think me worse, and so- and so-" She could not finish the sentence, but she tried to do so. - "Rachel Gray", Julia Kavanagh.