Part of speech: noun

A plant living or growing in the sea.

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Usage examples "seaweed":

  1. Off this southern coast of the island widespread moving fields of brilliantly colored seaweed are seen at times, dense enough to form quite an impediment to the progress of native boats which do not successfully avoid them. - "The Pearl of India", Maturin M. Ballou.
  2. A pit of suitable size for the quantity to be prepared was made in the sand, the bottom covered with stones; it was then heated by a fire kindled in it, the brands were removed, seaweed spread over the stones, the clams poured in, abundance of seaweed piled over and about them, a piece of an old sail put over that, and they were left to bake or steam, while another fire was kindled near by, and a large tin bucket, filled with water, set on it to boil for making coffee. - "Elsie at Nantucket", Martha Finley.
  3. He fell on his knees and clung to the seaweed. - "The Errand Boy", Horatio Alger.