Part of speech: noun

The seacoast.

Part of speech: adjective

Bordering on the sea.

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Usage examples "seaboard":

  1. In 1818, while it was still an experiment on the seaboard, one of these craft appeared on Lake Erie. - "American Merchant Ships and Sailors", Willis J. Abbot.
  2. It has not been found feasible to ship this material many hundreds of miles inland from the seaboard to compete with acid phosphate, but it is an excellent source of phosphoric acid for soils that are not rich in lime. - "Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement", Alva Agee.
  3. The places and towns most worth visiting lie far apart, and are divided by a good deal of pleasant but not very interesting country, and one can obtain a more than sufficient amount of walking along the vast stretch of seaboard. - "The Cornish Riviera", Sidney Heath.