What does the word scurry mean?

    Part of speech: verb transitive, verb intransitive

  • To hurry; scamper. Skurry.

Usage examples for scurry

  1. The landing party was assailed by a heavy, well- directed musketry fire from a neighbouring ravine, which caused them to scurry for shelter under the bank. – The Niagara River by Archer Butler Hulbert
  2. The little white book lice that scurry away when we open an old book that has been standing on the back shelf, are not lice, either; they also belong to a little order of their own, and are constructed very differently from the true lice. – The Insect Folk by Margaret Warner Morley
  3. I can safely say that I have never seen hounds run faster than did Mr. Knox's and the trencher- feds, in that brief scurry from the cliffs at Knockeenbwee. – Further Experiences of an Irish R.M. by E. OEnone Somerville Martin Ross