Part of speech: noun

A servant who cleans pots and kettles.

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Usage examples "scullion":

  1. About the same that would be cut by a forlorn scullion or waiter from a greasy eating- house at Rotterdam, if suddenly called away in vision to act as seneschal to the festival of Belshazzar the king, before a thousand of his lords." - "Essays Æsthetical", George Calvert.
  2. However, even a king could not refuse speech with a scullion whom he had allowed to win money from him. - "The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns", Arnold Bennett.
  3. I felt I should probably become a scullion, as I thought I had no taste or instinct for business, and as I was developing some talent for " mixing," and for dispensing " hot air" from the stump. - "The Plum Tree", David Graham Phillips.