Part of speech: verb

To scribble.

Part of speech: verb

To write hastily or illegibly.

Part of speech: noun

Irregular or unskilful writing.

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Usage examples "scrawl":

  1. He called out to Finche Torfs to leave his coffee in the drawing- room, and read his blaze letter- and this is what he read: My dear Barty,- Don't be in the least alarmed on reading this hasty scrawl, after waking from the sleep you meant to sleep forever. - "The Martian", George Du Maurier.
  2. What he might once have thrown aside as the scrawl of a madman, would now appear to him in the form of an explanation. - "Ellen Middleton--A Tale", Georgiana Fullerton.
  3. If you will glance at the following reproduction of a snap- shot which I took of this scrawl, you will see what I mean. - "The Millionaire Baby", Anna Katharine Green.