Part of speech:


Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to scholars or schools.

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Usage examples "scholastic":

  1. I came to the margin of the stream, and to the very spot on which I had stood with my uncle on the evening when he had first excited my emulation to scholastic rather than manual contention with my brother; I seated myself by the water- side, and, feeling indisposed to read, leaned my cheek upon my hand, and surrendered my thoughts as prisoners to the reflections which I could not resist. - "Devereux, Book I.", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
  2. Dionysius and the scholastic mystics of the Middle Ages were, of course, allowed to be read. - "Christian Mysticism", William Ralph Inge.
  3. We must above all guard against the scholastic temptation of arriving by deduction at the products of historic activity which are displayed in art and in religion. - "Essays on the Materialistic Conception of History", Antonio Labriola.