Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

Maintenance for a student.

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Usage examples "scholarship":

  1. He is so pleased about you and the scholarship. - "The Rebel of the School", Mrs. L. T. Meade.
  2. Too much of that sort of thing would soon put an end to scholarship altogether. - "The Five Great Philosophies of Life", William de Witt Hyde.
  3. But it must be allowed that others were not wanting to whisper that these traits of scholarship were greatly exaggerated, and that all the wonder lay in the fact that the Squire knew any thing of such matters at all; nay, a few even ventured to express their opinion that, but for his recklessness and his money, there was nothing more remarkable in Carew than in other spendthrifts; but this idea was never mooted within twenty miles of Crompton. - "Bred in the Bone", James Payn.