Part of speech: noun

A small herring like fish.

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Usage examples "sardine":

  1. The sardine industry of the State of Maine is largely concentrated in the district about and including Eastport and Lubec, where about 30 of the 59 factories and 16 of the 43 operating firms are located; so that, while the herring catches of recent years have fallen much short of their former proportions, they still show imposing figures. - "Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine", Walter H. Rich.
  2. The table was scrubbed, and the dresser and the sink that had sardine tails swimming in it... - "The Garden Party", Katherine Mansfield.
  3. The clatter of sardine and salmon cans mingled with the clink of glassware at the bar as the men who had missed the noon meal lunched out of cans between drinks. - "The Settling of the Sage", Hal G. Evarts.