Part of speech: verb

To accost; of fer a salute ( to).

Part of speech: noun

A greeting with military or naval honors; any salutation.

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Usage examples "salute":

  1. For the Girls 1. Give a military salute to every man in the room in turn. - "Entertaining Made Easy", Emily Rose Burt.
  2. Some were suffering and groaning; others, seeing the uniform of a French officer, tried to raise themselves up and salute. - "Fighting France", Stephane Lauzanne.
  3. Then Abdullah will come into the city openly and go to his house with his wife and slaves, and during several days he will receive the visits of his friends and return them, and go to the palace and salute Khaled, as though nothing were about to happen. - "Khaled, A Tale of Arabia", F. Marion Crawford.