Part of speech: noun

A respectful Oriental salutation approaching prostration.

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Usage examples "salaam":

  1. The muffled figure before him made another deep salaam. - "The Keeper of the Door", Ethel M. Dell.
  2. It had been last used at the hot springs of the Kinchinjhow glacier; and the poor lad was so concerned at his mishap, that he came to me soon afterwards, with his blanket on his back, and a few handfuls of rice in a bag, to make his salaam before setting out to search for it. - "Himalayan Journals V2.", J. D. Hooker.
  3. Kaid's pale face had all last night's friendliness, as he bade David farewell with great honour, and commended him to the care of Allah; and the swords of the Nubians clashed against their breasts and on their shields in salaam. - "The Weavers, Complete", Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009.