Part of speech: noun

A Scandinavian heroic story; a fragment of ancient history or legend.

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Usage examples "saga":

  1. Another saga narrates how a peasant greedily coveted and wished to appropriate a corn field that belonged to his neighbour and, in order to attain his evil end, he buried in the middle of that field his only son whom he had previously taught what to say when interrogated. - "An Anthology of Jugoslav Poetry; Serbian Lyrics", Various.
  2. The latter extracts it from the Saga or Chronicle of Snorro, who was born in 1179, and wrote in 1215; so that his account was formed long after the event is said to have taken place. - "The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Vol. II)", Washington Irving.
  3. This is chiefly due to the spread of Christianity; priests and monks take up the tale of kindly Saga, and keep careful record of events. - "From a Terrace in Prague", Lieut.-Col. B. Granville Baker.