Part of speech: noun

Rustic simplicity; homeliness.

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Usage examples "rusticity":

  1. A simple and kindly nature lay round about it; its rusticity was genuine, but there was a charm like that of poetry in it; for it grew and throve at a thousand miles' distance from our elaborate and conventional poetry. - "The Magic Skin", Honore de Balzac.
  2. Urbanity is the state of mind adapted to a city, as rusticity is adapted to the country. - "Humanly Speaking", Samuel McChord Crothers.
  3. It is true he had built many workmen's cottages- cottages which reflected credit alike upon his heart and upon his artistic tastes, but long rows of jerry- built ugliness were nowhere visible, and the countryside retained the sweet rusticity of a purely rural district. - "The Man Who Rose Again", Joseph Hocking.