Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To chew, as a cud; chew the cud.

Part of speech: verb

To meditate ( upon); muse.

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Usage examples "ruminate":

  1. And with that Jimmy sat himself down on the far corner of the couch and proceeded to ruminate on the havoc that these two women had wrought in his once tranquil life. - "Baby Mine", Margaret Mayo.
  2. I am sure I eat them every day with my dinner, and ruminate upon them afterwards. - "Hills of the Shatemuc", Susan Warner.
  3. One of those slumbrous, sleek creatures who stand knee deep and content in a field of domestic trivialities; ruminate placidly upon the happy little events of the past hour; and always find a hedge under which to shelter at the first intimation of a storm. - "Leonie of the Jungle", Joan Conquest.