Part of speech: noun

A circular building or hall, surmounted with a dome.

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Usage examples "rotunda":

  1. These reflections were interrupted by the departure of the old Trappist, who had finished offering the sacrifice, and by the entry of the prior, who went up in the rotunda between two white fathers to say mass at the high altar. - "En Route", J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans.
  2. At the hotel, while the ladies and Phil's father were upstairs, he was standing idly in the rotunda when Jim pushed out from the swing doors of the billiard room. - "The Spoilers of the Valley", Robert Watson.
  3. A party of young Irishmen from Liverpool engaged the Rotunda, Dublin, for a week. - "The Life Story of an Old Rebel", John Denvir.