Part of speech: adjective

Round; plump; full toned.

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Usage examples "rotund":

  1. " There's so very much of you, Battles," observed Dick with a critical look all over her rotund figure. - "Five Little Peppers at School", Margaret Sidney.
  2. Some also with the face of Rome, and some with the face of the field labourer; some, gaunt and stern; some, jolly and rotund; well, just like any gathering of clergy, of any creed, you can see any day, in any country of Europe. - "Leonie of the Jungle", Joan Conquest.
  3. Here at least was the real thing, though the appointments of the inn were in no sense picturesque, and the landlord, instead of being a rotund, red- faced person, was a tall, thin reed of a man with a white beard who, in spite of his eighty odd years, is about as lively a proposition as one will find in the business in England. - "The Automobilist Abroad", M. F. (Milburg Francisco) Mansfield.