Part of speech: noun

A cross or crucifix.

Part of speech: noun

A land measure; one fourth of an acre.

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Usage examples "rood":

  1. Martin Rood, the fine sleek gentleman whom I had seen swinging out of his gambling- house in the late afternoons- could that have been he, that huddled heap of clothes in the gutter? - "The Other Side of the Door", Lucia Chamberlain.
  2. And you, O most excellent readers, whom, for your faithful adherence, I could cherish in the warmest corner of my heart, be not uneasy- trust the fate of our favorite Stuyvesant with me; for by the rood, come what may, I'll stick by Hardkoppig Piet to the last. - "Knickerbocker's History of New York, Complete", Washington Irving.
  3. Laics and barons, thro' The random gifts of careless kings, have graspt Her livings, her advowsons, granges, farms, And goodly acres- we will make her whole; Not one rood lost. - "Dramatic Technique", George Pierce Baker.