Part of speech: verb

To tell fanciful stories.

Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to the languages, as Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, descended from the ancient popular Latin.

Part of speech: noun

A fictitious and wonderful tale, as of chivalry.

Part of speech: noun

Delight in what is chivalrous, adventurous, fanciful, or mysterious.

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Usage examples "romance":

  1. The Romance of Trial. - "Old Church Lore", William Andrews.
  2. I asked, for young though I was, ay and eager to undertake any work which meant movement, and romance, I could not help asking why I among all others should be chosen for this work. - "The Coming of the King", James Hocking.
  3. It is quite a romance, really. - "Wych Hazel", Susan and Anna Warner.