Part of speech: verb

To fasten with or as with a rivet.

Part of speech: noun

A short soft metal bolt, having a head on one end, used to join objects, as metal plates, by passing it through holes and forming a new head by hammering on its headless end.

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Usage examples "rivet":

  1. If the rivet holes in the pieces for the double links are not precisely at equal distances, the chain will not be straight, and will, consequently, be unfit for its purpose. - "On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures", Charles Babbage.
  2. When placed upon the table, with the complete coin upward, they have all the appearance of a pile of ordinary pennies, the slight lateral play allowed by the rivet aiding the illusion. - "Healthful Sports for Boys", Alfred Rochefort.
  3. Jest clap them on him, hand and foot, Mr. Rolling, and then rivet him to the deck away up forrads. - "Mr. Trunnell", T. Jenkins Hains.