Part of speech: noun

A leader in wrong or mischief; head of a party in an unworthy undertaking.

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Usage examples "ringleader":

  1. Another long and dreary scene takes place, of brutalities from the Roman soldiers, the ringleader of whom is a sanguinary Andalusian ingeniously encased in a tin barrel, a hundred lines of rhymed sorrow from the Madonna, and a most curious scene of the Wandering Jew. - "Castilian Days", John Hay.
  2. She was the ringleader in all our mischief- I never saw any one so quick and clever. - "The Fruit of the Tree", Edith Wharton.
  3. Now, of the two men, it is clear that the one who wrote the 'at' and 'to' was the ringleader. - "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes", Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.