Part of speech: verb

To glance from a surface, as a cannon ball; skip.

Part of speech: noun

A bounding, as of a projectile over a surface.

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Usage examples "ricochet":

  1. Did she suspect that some sullen undercurrent of intense feeling drove these eddying foam bells of flattery into the stream of conversation; or was her reply merely a chance ricochet shot, more accurately effective than direct fire? - "At the Mercy of Tiberius", August Evans Wilson.
  2. He has to find his range, and will quite likely lead off with a miss or a ricochet, as Mr. Hardy led off with Desperate Remedies before finding the target with Under the Greenwood Tree. - "Adventures in Criticism", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
  3. As he turned to check the whipstaff, Hawksworth heard a high- pitched ricochet off the steering house and sensed a sudden dry numbness in his thigh. - "The Moghul", Thomas Hoover.