Part of speech: noun

A disease of childhood, marked by softening of the bones.

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Usage examples "rickets":

  1. She said it would be racked with colic if the stomach was empty any length of time, and that it would surely have rickets if it were kept too still. - "Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897", Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
  2. Speaking of Chopin and the Sick Men Mr. Runciman is most pertinent: These inheritors of rickets and exhausted physical frames made some of the most wonderful music of the century for us. - "Chopin: The Man and His Music", James Huneker.
  3. This is because of the exquisitely subdivided flint found abundantly dispersed throughout the structures of Stitchwort plants; which curative principle is eminently useful in chronic diseases, such as cancer, rickets, and scrofula. - "Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure", William Thomas Fernie.