Part of speech: noun

Coarse conduct or speech.

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Usage examples "ribaldry":

  1. If he never spoke without uttering ribaldry and blasphemy, he made some amends by his eagerness to send Baxter and Howe to gaol for preaching and praying. - "The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5)", Thomas Babington Macaulay.
  2. It is wonderful how ready good women are to find blasphemy where it is not, and to confuse reasoning with ribaldry. - "The Green Carnation", Robert Smythe Hichens.
  3. I am upon the whole very fond of the Genoese; they have, it is true, much ribaldry and many vices, but they are a brave and chivalrous people, and have ever been so, and from them I have never experienced aught but kindness and hospitality. - "The Bible in Spain", George Borrow.