What does the word rhymer mean?

    Part of speech: noun

  • See RIME. etc.

Usage examples for rhymer

  1. The imagination is hardly as vivid as Elliott's, though the fancy and invention, the polish of the style, and the indications of profound thought on all subjects within the poet's reach, are superior in every way to those of the Corn- Law Rhymer; and when we consider that the man who wrote it had to gather his huge store of classic and historic anecdote while earning his living, first as a shoemaker, and then as a Wesleyan country preacher, we can only praise and excuse, and hope that the day may come when talents of so high an order will find some healthier channel for their energies than that in which they now are flowing. – Literary and General Lectures and Essays by Charles Kingsley
  2. His more earnest poems are somewhat tainted with that cardinal fault of his school, of which he steered so clear in prose- fine words; yet he never, like the Corn- Law Rhymer, falls a cursing. – Literary and General Lectures and Essays by Charles Kingsley