Part of speech: noun

The fox as the personification of cunning.

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Usage examples "reynard":

  1. Finding himself in great danger of being taken, Reynard made for a high wall at a short distance, and springing over it, crept close under the other side: the hounds followed, but no sooner had they leaped the wall, than he sprang back again over it, and by this cunning device gave them the slip, and got safe away from his pursuers." - "Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals", R. Lee.
  2. We may use the old rough distinction and ask first whether Reynard the Fox is durable in virtue of its substance, and second, whether it is durable in virtue of its form. - "Aspects of Literature", J. Middleton Murry.
  3. It is not surprising that mankind has always looked upon Reynard as almost a human being- if not more- for there is something quite uncanny in his instincts, and the cool, calculating way in which he uses them. - "Vanishing Roads and Other Essays", Richard Le Gallienne.