Part of speech: noun

Same as Reverie.

Part of speech: noun

Listless musing; a day dream.

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Usage examples "revery":

  1. And with small ceremony he precipitated himself upon Mr. Harrow, who seemed to be lost in a revery, his back to him, leaning his elbow on the mantel, and his head upon his hand. - "Five Little Peppers at School", Margaret Sidney.
  2. Often, sunk in revery, the familiar landmarks of the journey went by unheeded; often he lay awake in the crowded bedroom of a tavern, striving to clear a path for his feet a little way into the future. - "The Story Of Kennett", Bayard Taylor.
  3. After arriving at the further bank of the ravine, back of Mrs. Arnot's residence, he sat down for a while, and gave himself up to a very bitter revery. - "A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century", E. P. Roe.