Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: noun

A calling to remembrance.

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Usage examples "retrospection":

  1. Sobieski presented his lovely wife to this illustrious friend, and while he gratefully acknowledged the rare felicity of his ultimate fate, he owned that the retrospection of the past calamity, like a shade in a picture, gives to our present bliss greater force and brightness. - "Thaddeus of Warsaw", Jane Porter.
  2. Happily for Adrienne, she had too many positive cares, to be enabled to waste many minutes either in retrospection, or in endeavors to conjecture the future. - "Autobiography of a Pocket-Hankerchief", James Fenimore Cooper.
  3. Lovers had lost the light of interest from their eyes, wedded people the light of retrospection, statesmen the pride of intellect, princes and legates the pride of power. - "Tales of the Chesapeake", George Alfred Townsend.