Usage examples for retinue

  1. The Lords offered Whitelocke a party of their horse for the guard of his person; but he, with thanks for their courtesy, refused it, having store of company well armed of his own retinue, besides some English of Hamburg who were come to him. – A Journal of the Swedish Embassy in the Years 1653 and 1654, Vol II. by Bulstrode Whitelocke
  2. Mahomet took this well, and being feasted with his retinue, besides giving them several presents, I saluted him when he went ashore with twenty pieces of cannon; on which he sent me word that he was so much gratified by my attention, I might rely on his best assistance at all times. – A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. VIII. by Robert Kerr
  3. That both suns have a retinue of planets approaches the height of the ridiculous. – The Black Star Passes by John W Campbell