Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To sell in small quantities; tell over, as gossip.

Part of speech: noun

The selling of goods in small quantities.

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Usage examples "retail":

  1. That he had successfully stormed the hackling shop and found the ogre friendly was, of course, good; but already, and long before he could retail the incident, it began to lose its rare savour. - "The Spinners", Eden Phillpotts.
  2. There are few large retail shops that I have not entered many times, and I have conversed with both employers and employees. - "Methods of Authors", Hugo Erichsen.
  3. Then the magistrates tried to limit the drinks sold in these houses to beer and cider; and private individuals were warned not to sell " any sort of drink or liquor whatsoever, by retail under any color, pretence, delusion, or subtle evasion whatsoever." - "Stage-coach and Tavern Days", Alice Morse Earle.