Part of speech: verb

To relieve for a time from punishment, danger, or trouble; respite.

Part of speech: noun

The temporary suspension of a sentence; respite.

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Usage examples "reprieve":

  1. There was, however, no time to indulge the idle stupor, which Glanville's situation at first occasioned; with a violent effort, I shook it off, and bent all my mind to discover the best method to avail myself, to the utmost, of the short reprieve I had succeeded in obtaining; at length, one of those sudden thoughts which, from their suddenness appear more brilliant than they really are, flashed upon my mind. - "Pelham, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton Last Updated: March 16, 2009.
  2. In March the leaders were tried, and fourteen were convicted of treason and sentenced to death; but Governor Bowdoin, whose term was about to expire, granted a reprieve for a few weeks. - "The Critical Period of American History", John Fiske.
  3. Seeing no reprieve in either, with drooping tail he slunk into the cage. - "Carolyn of the Corners", Ruth Belmore Endicott.