Part of speech: noun

The act of rendering; a translation; interpretation; surrender.

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Usage examples "rendition":

  1. We were incredulous, as they had inherited no musical talent, neither had they manifested any inclination in these directions; but Mary was so persistent and strenuous in her appeals, that we heeded the advice, gave the girls good teachers along these lines, and soon, their spirit- mother's predictions were fulfilled to the very letter, and the so- called " Foss triplets" became a veritable inspiration to thousands of delighted listeners to their rendition of instrumental and vocal strains of music. - "The Gentleman from Everywhere", James Henry Foss.
  2. The ice had thawed; and by the time the victorious miller had been pushed forward to receive the smart cocked hat which was the Virginia rendition of the crown of wild olive, it had quite melted. - "Audrey", Mary Johnston.
  3. Fine, pure voices, Lilly had to admit despite her grief; rendition good and precise, without that pedantic stop- like effect which papa so detested in the singing societies. - "The Song of Songs", Hermann Sudermann.