What does the word remunerative mean?

Usage examples for remunerative

  1. Taking a strictly money view of building operations, for sale and rent, in suburban localities, and more particularly about New York, it would promise, by every course of reasoning, a remunerative return, if the plan were judiciously and tastefully carried out. – Woodward's Country Homes by George E. Woodward F. W. Woodward
  2. But the greater part of the work fell to our native manual workers to perform, and the stone- masons and tilers, the joiners, gilders, upholsterers, glaziers, and parquet- layers of the city, the landscape gardeners and heating and lighting experts, had plenty of remunerative work all through the summer and autumn. – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  3. Mr. Enwright sat alone in the principals' room, John Orgreave being abroad in London in pursuit of George's two landlords- the landlord of his house and the landlord of his office- neither of whom had yet been brought to see that George's caprice for a military career entitled him in the slightest degree to slip out of contracts remunerative to the sacred caste of landlords. – The Roll-Call by Arnold Bennett