Part of speech: verb

To compensate; pay; reward.

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Usage examples "remunerate":

  1. In a letter of July 15, 1530, informing Luther of the pasquinades delivered to the Emperor, Melanchthon declared: " If an answer will become necessary, I shall certainly remunerate these wretched, bloody men. - "Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church", Friedrich Bente.
  2. " You may not be aware that Baron von Kerber pleaded poverty, and I promised to remunerate him for his services, whether we won or lost. - "The Wheel O' Fortune", Louis Tracy.
  3. The pittance he could thus earn did not remunerate him for the toil and wasted health, and even this pittance was too often cruelly held back. - "Julian Home", Dean Frederic W. Farrar.