Part of speech: noun

The act of remitting; abatement; pardon.

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Usage examples "remission":

  1. It had apparently accepted the sacramental remission of sins in baptism, and there is no trace in this of any allusion to original sin; the sins which are remitted had been committed by the Christian before his baptism, and there is no suggestion of any inheritance of sin. - "Landmarks in the History of Early Christianity", Kirsopp Lake.
  2. He said he did not care about remission of sins; he wanted money- money! - "Old Calabria", Norman Douglas.
  3. At a quarter past nine, precisely, to commence work for her employer; at one, she had a remission of half an hour; and at six, she became her own mistress. - "Autobiography of a Pocket-Hankerchief", James Fenimore Cooper.