Part of speech: noun

A repository for relics.

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Usage examples "reliquary":

  1. This reliquary used to be carried in procession by Serra on each fourth of November, and is now used by Father Mestris in like ceremonials. - "The Old Franciscan Missions Of California", George Wharton James.
  2. Having discovered the bones of St. Alban and placed them in a costly reliquary, Offa conveyed them to this church, intending to erect a nobler edifice for their reception; but it is doubtful whether the design was carried out during his lifetime. - "Hertfordshire", Herbert W Tompkins.
  3. The four cardinal virtues in oak were executed for the abbey church of St. Genevieve: they were originally covered with stucco and held on high the saint's reliquary. - "The Story of Paris", Thomas Okey.