Part of speech: noun

A deer of northern regions, used as a draft and pack animal.

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Usage examples "reindeer":

  1. " These are my old northern- lights," said the Reindeer, " look how they gleam!" - "Andersen's Fairy Tales", Hans Christian Andersen.
  2. Reindeer pants, with the hair inside, clothed legs like rock pillars, while out of the loose squirrel parka a corded neck rose, brown and strong, above which darkly gleamed a rugged face seamed and scarred by the hate of Arctic winters. - "Pardners", Rex Beach.
  3. Kotuko insisted that the tornaq of the stone had told him to go north, and north they went under Tuktuqdjung the Reindeer- those stars that we call the Great Bear. - "The Second Jungle Book", Rudyard Kipling.